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10 things we can all do to cut air pollution

  1. Use alternate forms of transportation like carpooling, walking, bicycle riding, bus or train.
  2. Avoid unnecessary car trips. Organize your errands into one trip.
  3. Keep your car tuned up and your tires inflated.
  4. Avoid aggressive driving; rapid acceleration produces more air pollution.
  5. When buying a new car look for one that burns cleaner fuel and produces fewer pollutants. Be sure your next car is cleaner than your last.
  6. Always check before you light your fireplace by calling 1-800-SMOG-INFO or visit When burning is allowed, use cleaner burning wood. Consider installing a gas insert or an EPA-approved wood stove. Gas inserts require no maintenance and don't send pollutants streaming out of your chimney.
  7. Light your barbeque briquettes with a chimney starter or better yet switch to a gas barbeque.
  8. Switch to an electric-powered lawn mower, and get rid of the leaf blower, which throws all kinds of junk into the air, including particulate matter. Have your gardener sweep instead of blowing.
  9. Let your local politicians know that you want action to reduce air pollution. Call, write or attend Valley Air District meetings, city council, and board of supervisors meetings.
  10. For more ways you can cut air pollution, go to