Thursday, July 19, 2018

Speakers Bureau

What is the Fresno-Madera Medical Society's Speakers Bureau?
Good health is due in part to health education. We value joining with community organizations, businesses, religious congregations, schools, and others to ensure that you have the information needed provided by local physician experts. The presentations focus on key public health issues such as healthy eating and air pollution, but will strive to address your group's specific health concern.

Speakers Bureau Topics

Healthy Lifestyle and Obesity Prevention
In Fresno and Madera counties, nearly 60% of people are considered overweight or obese. Identifying the nutritional and behavioral causes is essential to losing weight and maintaining good overall health. We provide presentations by physicians that articulate the causes and risks associated with obesity and the benefits of a healthy weight and lifestyle.
Valley Air Pollution and Your Health
San Joaquin Valley residents are affected by some of the most polluted air in the nation. How is this affecting your health and what can you do about it? These presentations provide audiences with information on the health effects of poor air and ways you can both protect your health and clean the air.
History of Medicine
We provide presentations tailored to upper elementary school children on the history of medicine, given by physicians who have devoted a lifetime of service.
Other topics?
As an organization representing physicians of all specialties, we will strive to facilitate physician presentations on other topics (per request).

Scheduling a Speaker

Scheduling a speaker is easy and a free public service. We respectfully ask for a minimum of four weeks notice when making a request for a speaker. 

Please complete form and mail to:
Fresno-Madera Medical Society1040 East Herndon Ave. Suite 101Fresno, Ca 93720General Speaker Topics Contact: Nicole Butler (559) 224-4224


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