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Member Benefits

Physicians face increasing public scrutiny, legal attacks, cuts in reimbursements and legislative efforts to micromanage practices. When physicians unite through organized medicine, they become powerful and effective advocates for patients and the medical profession.
The Fresno-Madera Medical Society (FMMS) and the California Medical Association (CMA) – along with the American Medical Association (AMA) – provide powerful advocacy for physicians and patients alike. Through these interlinked organizations, physicians have a strong voice at every level in government.
FMMS and CMA are a combined membership entity and are pleased to provide innovative member benefits and practical resources. Physicians can offset the price of their annual membership dues when using member services and discounts.  Through membership you hire a powerful professional staff to protect the viability of your practice. By protecting your practice from legal, legislative, and regulatory intrusions, membership lets you focus on what’s really important . . . . . your patients. Members also receive deep discounts on everything from magazines to office supplies to insurance products.  From auto insurance to retirement plans, member discount programs will save you time and money.

Local Level: Fresno-Madera Medical Society

Practice Management Programs

  • Medical Office Manager's Forum
  • Reimbursement Updates
  • Health Information Technology Programs
  • EMR's, e-prescribing
  • Health Reform Updates

Peer Review

  • Medical Review Advisory Committee (MRAC)
    • Reviews alleged medical malpractice cases being defended by NORCAL insureds
  • Professional Relations
    • Reviews and mediates patient vs. physicians and physicians vs. physician complaints
  • Wellbeing of physicians
    • Monitors and assists physicians with wellbeing issues

Legislative Advocacy

Meets with local, state and federal representatives to

  • ensure passage of medicine-friendly bills
  • derail egregious bills
  • beat back attempts to cut reimbursements

     Community Health Involvement

    • Provides a Speaker’s Bureau for schools and community on Obesity Prevention and Air Quality
    • Participates in the Fresno County Office of Education Science Fair
    • Answers media inquires for interviews and information
    • Maintains a Medical Museum: Preserves the history of FMMS and medicine in the Central Valley
    • Scholarship Foundation provides medical student scholarships
    • Provides Health Tips
    • Walk With a DOC program provides free community healthy lifestyle talks and group walks

    Free Certified Notary Services 

    These services include: 

    • Wills & trusts
    • Deeds
    • Contracts
    • Affidavits 
    • Power of Attorney
    • Personal legal documents
    • Transfer of Real Estate & Real Estate loans
    • Financial documents
    • Family matters & Guardianships
    • Health Care directives & Medical release forms
    • DMV documents
    • Copy Certification by Document Custodian
    • Aknowledgement / Affirmations
    • Domestic Partnerships
    • Sworn Oaths
    • Consent letters for minor child to travel internationally

    Contact Nicole Butler for more information at or (559) 224-4224 ext. 114

    Goods and Services Discounts

    • Buyers Guide - (Under Construction)
    • Monthly publication Vital Signs provides updated and current medical information
    • Free classified ads in FMMS publication Vital Signs
    • Discounted display ad in Vital Signs
    • Free copy of FMMS Pictorial Directory
    • Discounted price on additional FMMS Pictorial Directories
    • Free and discounted fees for CME activities
    • Discounted cost for membership mailing labels

    State Level: California Medical Association

    Legislative Advocacy

    In constant negotiations with major players in California’s health care system making sure that the interest of physicians and their patients are well represented.

  • Averts legislative attempts to expand the scope of practice of allied health professions, including psychologists, optometrists , acupuncturists and nurse practitioners
  • Tort Reform: Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA)
  • Limits malpractice awards for non- economic losses to $250,000. CMA continues to protect California’s MICRA, which saves each California physician an average of $67,000 a year in annual malpractice premiums
  • Fights insurance company abuses
  • Filed complaints with state regulators to stop Blue Cross of California’s request for physicians to provide new patient information that the insurer could use to cancel the patient’s medical coverage
  • Got the state Legislature to pass a bill protecting patients from having for-profit health insurance companies retroactively cancel patient policies after authorizing critical medical care
  • Enforces the civil racketeering (RICO) lawsuit against for-profit HMOs in California
  • In constant negotiations with Congress to come to an agreement on a long-term fix to the Medicare payment problems

    Community Health

    CMA Foundation acts as a bridge linking physicians to their communities, working in collaboration with many partners to achieve significant improvement in key health issues, visit


    Click on the following links to download documents providing further information on membership benefits and resources.

    For assistance or more information call a member service specialist at 800.786.4262.

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