Scholarship Foundation

The Fresno County Medical Society Scholarship Foundation is an incorporated entity 501 (c) (3) of the Fresno Madera Medical Society, created to administer a perpetual and revolving scholarship fund for deserving medical students of Fresno and Madera counties.

The Scholarship Foundation was made possible by the excess funds realized from the Sabin Oral Polio Sunday Clinics in 1962-63. With the efforts of the citizens of both counties, these clinics were organized and sponsored by Fresno Madera Medical Society to immunize the population of Fresno and Madera counties against poliomyelitis. Throughout the years, additional funds have been generated through contributions, memorial gifts and repayments on monies from former recipients.






All applications for scholarships are reviewed and considered by the Scholarship Foundation Board, members of the Fresno Madera Medical Society. All information submitted is confidential. Scholastic achievement, need and prospects for completion of the chosen curriculum are important considerations and factors in granting a scholarship.

The following information will aid students when submitting applications:

    Any resident of Fresno or Madera county is eligible to receive a scholarship, provided that he/she has been a resident of either county for three or more years prior to College or Medical School, and provided that his/her application for matriculation in a medical school has been approved.
  2. TIME
    Applications for scholarships must be on file at the office of Fresno Madera Medical Society on or before May 15 to be eligible for a grant for the ensuing academic year.
    Depending upon funds available, the number of scholarships awarded and the amount of each may vary from year to year; to be determined by the Scholarship Foundation Board.
    The monies of any scholarship awarded will be given to the recipient’s school of matriculation. The school will administer the scholarship for tuition, laboratory fees, books, etc. and for any other valid expenses of education except room, board or any other personal expenses. No money will be given directly to the recipient.
    The scholarship is a grant. No notes will be required. The recipient has no legal obligation to repay the scholarship fund, but is urged to replenish the fund so that others can receive its benefits.
    To be considered, an application must include:  a transcript of scholastic records from the last year of school attended, a letter from the Dean of Admissions that confirms acceptance to the school of choice, a School of Financial Aid Report and three letters of recommendation from members of the school faculty.
    All applicants will be notified simultaneously regarding the disposition of their applications. The Scholarship Foundation has no obligation to any applicant or recipient as set forth in the terms of the letter of notification of award.
    Three letters of reference from each of the following 1) a teacher of a class completed within the past two years; 2) a medical school professor or a physician; 3) a person outside of health care. Letters of reference must follow the format outlined in the Applicant Evaluation Form included as part of the application.

For More Information:

Fresno Madera Medical Society
Stacy Woods, Executive Director
(559) 224-4224 Ext. 118 or

Fresno Madera Medical Society
Scholarship Foundation
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