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Award Winners

Past Award Recipients

  Life Time Achievement Award Special Project Award


2019 TBA TBA

Kenneth Bird, MD

David Hadden, MD

Herbert Boro, MD

Jesus Rodriguez


Kent Yamaguch, MD, FACS

Ralph Wessel, MD

H. Terry “Hutch” Hutchinson, MD, PHD

Kathleen Flores, MD


Robert Libke, MD
Andre Minuth, MD
Morton Rosentein, MD


Christopher Perkins, MD
2015 David Hodge, MD
Fitzalbert Marius, MD  
No Recipient
2014 Paul Madsen, MD Charles Touton, MD
2013 Kenneth Jue, MD Alex Sherriffs, MD
2012 Joan Voris, MD
John Bonner, MD
No Recipient
2011 Malcom Masten, MD John Telles, MD
2010 Theodore Steinberg,  MD
Mohammad Arain, MD
No Recipient
2009 Bjorn Nilson, MD Wishon Radiological Medical Group
2008 John Conrad Jr, MD Lee Snyder, MD
2007 No Recipient No Recipient
2006 Joseph Woo, MD Marla Byerly, MD
2005 Kenneth Jue, MD No Recipient
2004 Jack Thorburn, MD No Recipient
2003 Burton James, MD
Donald Knapp, MD
Sathaporn Vathayanon, MD
Walter Byerly, MD
2002 Jack Schiff, MD Richard Whitten, MD
2001 Robert Peters, MD Marc Lasher, MD
2000 Fred Cooley, MD Jack Schiff, MD
1999 Thomas Eliason, MD No Recipient
1998 Ed Defoe, MD No Recipient
1997 Max Millar, MD No Recipient
1996 Lauren Grayson, MD
Harold Hanson, MD
John Murray, MD
No Recipient
1995 Dwight Trowbridge, MD No Recipient
1994 Ronald Smith, MD No Recipient
1993 Robert West, MD No Recipient
1992 Gilbert Roth, MD

No Recipient

1991           Roger Larson, MD No Recipient
1990          James Caffee, MD No Recipient