The health care profession evolves daily as new information and technologies are discovered that help to maintain health and enhance the diagnosis and treatment of illness. Just as the clinical aspects of medicine evolve, so, too, do the business aspects of medicine, making the delivery of health care services increasingly filled with complexities. 

While the goal of physicians and other health care providers is a high quality, seamless process, problems can arise. Like other service industries, sound business practices and intelligent management tools are essential in health care.

Fresno-Madera Medical Society and the California Medical Association are professional organizations that strive for betterment of the profession.  To assist member physicians and their medical office personnel minimize difficulties, FMMS and CMA are pleased to provide a wide range of member-only problem-solving tool kits, resources and services, the majority of which are accessible when needed, available 24/7 for download. You will find more information on member resources and services under “Member Benefits”.

With major legislative and economic issues ever on the horizon, making your voice heard and your actions felt is critical for the future of medicine.  Your membership, participation and support strengthen medicine by enabling organized medicine to speak with a unified voice and from a position of influence and leadership. Unity remains a powerful force for the medical community.

Working together, FMMS and CMA are strong advocates for all physicians and the profession of medicine.  We invite you to affirm your commitment to the profession of medicine and to preserving its honored place in modern society – join FMMS and CMA today.